Banner with eyelets

Eyelet banners or banners with small steel earrings, additionally known as grommets, are robust banners that lend themselves as perfect out of doors promotional canvasses on buildings, fences, between lampposts and the likes. Printed on quality PVC using expert virtual printing techniques, our banners could be some thing you could proudly display and correctly speak your enterprise, promoting or occasion.

Banner with frame

Outdoor banner frames are the correct solution when you need to promote your shop, clinic or any event and someplace wherein there’s no area from which to hang a banner with eyelets.The strong form of the banner frame means it won’t tip over when pushed via wind or jostling crowds. Our banner frames are light-weight making them portable. All of our banners are printed in high resolution complete-colour print on top class excellent PVC flex. Our frames allow banners to be attached to both aspect of the display unit allowing you to create double-sided shows for attractive effect, so it can be seen in traffic from all directions. You can order replacement banners in your banner frame. You can purchase new banners for the frame and get multiple uses out of it”.

Back lit Board

Backlit boards are the correct solution when you start your shop or office.We use light weight materials in this. The main attractive point of it is, it glows in the night. We use high quaity and thick flex meterials than a normal flex with coating which allows light to pass from the flex material and gives it effective result. We use good quality of light inside Backlit board.It is boxed frame with 8 inches depth. and having powdered coated tin from all the sides of the box. More customers attracts to the back lit board than normal flex board.It is available in all of the customized sizes. We additionally provide installation in Pune and Maharashtra”

Backdrop Board

Backdrop boards we use for any events. Where it give information about event.We install it in backside of a stage where event is going to happen. People puts there logo, name of the guests coming for the events or any welcome note for audience.Backdrop board give very attractive look to the event. We can use wooden frame or metal frame depending on customers need.We provide our installation team, which visit the event location and do all the installation before event. We also provide transport facility for the boards. If customer wants we can uninstall the backdrop board after the event”.

Banner Arch Board

Banner Arch Board are advertisement flex boards with one top panel and two pillars. They are widely used for entrance branding for shops, stores, showrooms and events. These are customized according to the specification of the customer. Customer can customized it by different size, different height, different designs and different materials for printing. Arch board is very attractive. The sturdy shape of the banner frame means it won’t tip over when pushed by wind or jostling crowds. Our banner frames are surprisingly lightweight making them a great portable display solution. All of our banners are printed in high resolution full-colour print on premium quality PVC. Put your logo, contact info and any offer so customer will aware of the offers you are offering”.

Regular Standee

A standee may be a self-standing show used for promotional purpose.When you display a standee for advertising, it will boost your sales immediately.A customer, by seeing the standee, can decide if he wants to go for shopping, service.This is because standees are usually kept just outside the shop or office or any event.As a owner, you can put up exciting offers or discounts which will draw more consumers when they see the message.You can understand the effect of a standee by the number of your customer increase after setting up a standee and before.A standee acts like a moving handy advertising.The standee is very handy and can be movable to desired location because of its light weight.”.

Roll up Standee

Roll up banners, additionally known as standees, are a value-effective manner for commercial business. The cost of these banners is comparatively lower than different sorts of advertising and they create an immediate impact on sales. Rollup Standee is an smooth mode of advertising with right designs and frames that catches the eye of the customers. As an added benefit, they’re reusable and cellular that’s difficult with different mediums.Nowadays, with generation improvement, printing a roll up banner has come to be very convenient. You can have excessive resolution pictures, coupled with suitable pix and designs. Also, the use of appropriate high-quality color prints for the content could be very appealing to gain the eye of a passerby. The layout and content seems pretty fashionable with these results.One of the advantages of roll up banners is that it lasts lengthy. Standee advertisement is capable of resist intense weather conditions. The print at the banners does not fade away without difficulty. The base of such roll up banner is made from aluminum, that’s a strong material, making roll up banners distinctly durable”.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing might be the maximum common form of banner and signage printing used these days. When you use vinyl, you’ll ship your sign maker a pattern or outline with the colours you would like to apply. The vinyl is loaded into a special gadget and will be reduce into the sample you have selected.In the past, vinyl couldn’t be recolored with a device, however new printers have entered the marketplace that can print onto both vinyl or flex substances.Once your vinyl is cut, it have to be applied to the right floor. While flex fabric is commonly applied to a medium using warmth, vinyl simplest needs to be stuck onto your signal or banner the use of adhesive connected to the vinyl material. The utility works just like a band-resource, which desires to have the adhesive covers pulled off earlier than being applied to a surface.Foam board is a very strong, light, and easily cut sheet material used for the mounting of vinyl prints, as backing in framing


Foam boards are ultra lightweight.This material can last for about two years, and because they are affordable, you can easily replace them.Architectural students use foam boards to build model structures and buildings and interior designers use foam boards to build mood boards for their projects.We use high quality vinyl Print for cutout. Our cuts of any cutouts are smooth and even. People mostly use if for any event like Christmas party, birthday party. Also in PVR they use it for newly release movies advertising. With help of cutouts you can make many attractive photo booths. As it is light weight it will be very handy to move it here and there”.

LED Board and SIGN Board

Choosing a signboard to your emblem may be a difficult assignment. We’re right here to make it easy.One of the maximum generally used manner to represent your emblem is to create 3-D letters made from excessive quality cast acrylic, raised to the depth of three-4 inches and branded LEDs suit inner permanently. These letters are fixed directly onto the partitions or another sturdy backing surface. Aluminum composite panel is used to make a container that’s placed within the background of the the letters. Apart from presenting aesthetic appeal or matching branding colors, such a setup is also beneficial when a wall isn’t always to be had and a signage is set up on a rooftop of on ground and a metal shape is created first.This is an extension of above, wherein an aluminum casing  is provided across the acrylic letters. This makes the signage much extra robust and immune to winds and dust. It also offers it a greater top class finish and prevents mild from popping out from the sides of the letters. This is suggested for signage hooked up at more peak to bear excessive wind strain. This can also have an ACP box backing.

Name Plate

We at GaneshPrint totally salute your vision of having your own home and congratulate you on engaging in your dream. Well, as we’re printing carrier companies, we will strive to do our bit.As you may have heard, first influence being the last influence, the custom name plate that you will have, will make the primary influence. That is why it’s miles very essential to be having a wonderfully designed, stunning customized name board to your the front door.Today the trend of material used within the custom nameplate is likewise converting. Right from the time, the fashion of having name plates began, name plate designs have always been what fabric turned into of the door. As in a wood door insured a timber name plate and a wrought iron door determined for a wrought iron dressmaker call plates.Now, everybody knows that its very clean to realize that the what design nameplate we can make, no person else can, surely because of the truth that the sensation that we’ve for our home nobody else can reflect.”

Esal Standee

An easel stand is associate upright support used for displaying or fixing advertising banner, at associate angle of concerning 20° to the vertical. specifically, easels stand is historically used to support a banner and keep it outside or inside the shop, office, hotel etc. Easels stand usually made up of wood.One of the most effective associated sensible ways that to show the word about your brand is that the use of an advertising esal stand. It’s efficient. The posters will be replaced with a replacement once done with one promotion.Providing a novel approach of presenting complete message, an advertising esal will improve your business. An advertising esal offers many advertising benefits at a pocket-friendly value. What’s is nice with easels is that you just need to change the poster to fit your stand. you’ll recycle it for several years, that is why it’s efficient. Plus, it’s nice for each indoor and outside promotions.Since it’s light-weight, it makes it simple for customers to move them wherever you need. As you’ll see from the image, how effective it looks for the people.Mini easels area unit similar in style to show easels however scaled right down to accommodate photos or flyers”

We provide Menu cards and rate card printing. You can come to us even though you have design with you or not. If you have design with you we will print it to menu card or rate card.If you don’t have design with you our designer will make customized design according to your need.We can do menu card or rate card with foam-sheet and MDF which will be more attractive to user. Also we provide different shapes of menu cards and rate cards.Our designer will use your real products photos in menu card so it will give real effect to the card”

Invitation cards

We provides invitation cards for small events. Like birthday, various parties. We will provide number of hard copies as per your requirements and soft copies like .jpeg files for sending invitation  on whatsapp. We  will give you design as per your need, size as per your need, quantity as per your need. Within short time. So you can invite people online as well offline”.

One way vision

One way vision is a perforated film that is custom printed on one side. The non-revealed aspect has adhesive for clean pasting. This product generally pasted on glass, allows visibility from inner to outside whilst blockading visibility from outdoor to internal.One manner imaginative and prescient as name implies is a self adhesive banner movie of vinyl material which allows imaginative and prescient from one side and block the equal from other facet. Thanks to growing wide variety of department stores, glass facade homes, shopping middle and complexes we see them lot in variety. Purpose of these movie is to make glass window no longer just a supply to cover inside view, however additionally act as a incredible advertising tool. As hiding inner view can also be finished with the help of glass body that are referred to as one way glass panel.One way vision banners locate usage almost in any respect places like advertising device -Widely used in transferring vehicles like bus, motors and so on-Hide the office interior everyday activity-Durability and long life-Increase life of glass frame-Can be pasted on normal glass frame no need to buy costly one way vision glass frame-Protect window frame.

Sunpack Sheet

Sunpack sheet or Polypropylene corrugated sheet is synthetic by way of the fabrication process. This fabrication is done of quality crude substances, preferably from commercial waste or business by way of-merchandise in Polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride or plastic industries. Sunpack Sheet is a Polypropylene corrugated sheet that’s utilized in outside advertising and marketing campaigns It is also known as flute/kite-forums in numerous parts of the us of a.We’re targeted to provide our clients with first rate first-class Sunpack Sheet . Which can be fabricated utilizing the selection satisfactory crude stuff in adherence with well-known high-quality measures. It is extensively appropriated as part of advertising packages, for example, print classified ads and others for the merchandising of items. Further, we provide the sheet in distinctive stoops, shapes and can be tweaked consistent with client’s requirement at a brilliant cost.

Letter Head

A enterprise idea can be become achievement with loads of tough designes, making plans and smart investments. A part of this smart shopping for is in obtaining the right sort of stationery that bodes well at the profile of your organisation and highlights your brand picture. All the critical paperwork might be done on the workplace letterhead – normally an A4-sized paper that has the call, deal with, e mail ID and speak to numbers of the corporation. It is characterized by the presence of the brand or company topic and frequently an enlarged watermark of the equal design. Although it’s far frequently understood because the whole sheet with the enterprise cope with and logo, a ‘Business letterhead’ technically means simply the cope with bar of the same page. Printed letterheads are the most typically used shape of conversation in workplaces considering that long. Even emails were not able to dislodge them from their region of precedence inside the work space, because the published word is the word that is depended on and continues to be used for documentation. Printing Corporate Letterheads is now very easy.

Visiting Card

A commercial enterprise card is a tangible object that you could use to provide your contact information to capability customers. Because of this, it’s vital no longer to sacrifice clarity for design factors. Most business cards incorporate your enterprise name, your call and name, your phone number, an e mail address, and a street cope with. If your enterprise has a website, consist of its cope with so that clients can acquire greater targeted statistics through it. Resist the temptation to region greater facts to your card than important, as area is constrained and it’s clean to overcrowd a enterprise card.A business card is a chunk of your corporation’s advertising plan, albeit a small one, so it have to paintings with current substances, including letterhead and envelopes, to portray your business enterprise’s values and its method to business. Because of this, layout the cardboard to convey the spirit of your company’s tradition. For example, in case you’re a graphic dressmaker, you can favor a innovative, captivating design, while a CPA company would possibly choose a extra restrained, understated card that tasks professionalism and balance.


A pamphlet is a small, unbound book this is used to put it up for sale or provide information on a single situation. They are specifically used for informing in place of direct selling. You’ll occasionally hear a person use the term “leaflet” when describing a pamphlet too. Pamphlet pages are stapled collectively or revealed on both sides of 1 sheet and folded in half or several instances. They can come in exceptional shapes, sizes, and variety of pages. Some commonplace uses for pamphlets consist of political campaigns, occasion promoting, and communicating organization facts.


Let your commercial enterprise or product stand out inside the crowd. Available in various diameters, these stickers may be used to popularize your product or services within the marketplace. Reach out to potential clients and clients with these promotional gadgets which are characterized with the aid of their in-your-face feature.Get Yourself A Longer Recall with Custom Stickers. Paste it at the rear of your automobile, or some other location that you hope to catch some eyeballs. Ideal for bulk printing and distribution, these stickers serve as gifts – if used smartly. Say, as an example, you stumble upon a pleasant quote or ‘phrases of expertise’ from a top notch master. Pull it on for your sticker layout, and add your brand or brand name to it. What do you’ve got – a brilliant manner to live in the sight and minds of your target market! It has the brought gain of creating a emblem photograph that is in sync with an highbrow consumer. Beginning with some simple designs and hues, you may move on to a few complex and extra target-orientated options. Getting stickers for enterprise necessities is now easy


We print certificates for all activities & purposes. Schools, Colleges, Sports events, Corporate Appraisals. Give the achievers a high-quality they are able to keep & cherish all the time. Our maximum fond recollections are perhaps those in which we’ve made a gap of ourselves amidst humans.We generally tend to do not forget the times we are appreciated by using our instructors, our boss and every so often by our colleagues too. A human beings nature is to attract appreciation in one manner or the alternative. Certificates act within the equal way, and have an effect on our psyche that in turn provokes us to do better and better. Hence its understood that certificate is one the maximum vital company gift items for a agency. If you do now not need to have the ordinary things on your certificates, than GaneshPrint is the appropriate place for you. With our customizing utility and your creative enthu, Nobody stated that certificates should be within the same form and within the identical layout pattern that has are been given away seeing that centuries. It’s time for a change; it’s time for a different degree of appreciation to be given to the tough running employees who work to your employer.


A brochure is a unmarried or multi page folded paper used to promote a organisation’s products or services. This piece of paper may be folded several instances to create separate pages, or are numerous pages stapled together. The time period “publication” is occasionally used whilst relating to a brochure. While it can appearance similar to a pamphlet, the important aspect to recollect is brochures are more usually used for marketing multiple products or services for a business enterprise. Brochures normally include more pics than phrases. Some not unusual makes use of for brochures include introducing a brand new product line or detailing carrier services to be sent out to new customers.


Make Each Day Count in New Year 2020 With Personalized Calendars – Are you finicky about date and time? Do you plan to start off things on a particular day suggested by the numerologist? Then you are surely looking for a calendar for the coming year. March into the New Year 2020 with style – get hold of some exciting calendars from GaneshPrint. When it comes to choosing calendars online, the options are varied. Buy calendars online with us, and get yourself some smart deals as well. Begin with getting yourself a personalized calendar.Another exciting template you could use to create calendars for the coming year are ‘Name in Image Calendars’. These calendars are designed with images that are complemented with the insertion of names of individuals in unique ways. Such calendars can be used to make your loved ones feel special and literally on top of the world.

Table Tent Display

Table tent display is normally use in hotels for showing special menu or any seasonal offer for the customers. It is newly started idea of advertising. It help customers to see any menu or offer very easily. By giving attractive offers for different seasons, you can attractive cutomers. It is made of 2 type one is with art paper and other is of acralic. As it is very small in size it easy to carry anywere. It gives very attractive look to the table of your restorent.We also provide different designs to be printed on your table tent display, if you dont have one with yourself. We will designe it according to your need.

Photo Print

We provide various sizes of photo print. It can be black and white photo or can be color photo. It is very useful if you want to decorate your room or hall for any functions or events like birthday decoration. You can also use it for making customized greeting cards for your love one. As per customer need we can edit any given photo before print to give it more effectiveness.We provides below sizes :1. Post card size2. Passport size3. 6 X 44. 8 X 12″

Bill Book

Bill book is one wherein an account is kept of promissory notes, bills of exchange, and other bills payable or receivable: it need to comprise all that a man problems or gets. The bill book have to display the date of the bill, the time period it has to run earlier than it will become due, the names of all of the parties to it, and the time of its turning into due, collectively with the quantity for which it changed into given.Customized bill books or receipt books can be used in your organisation’s day by day commercial enterprise desires. Bill books are extensively used to difficulty receipts or payments in your customers and customers.We provide bill books in various sizes as per customers need.”


It indeed took a whole lot of tough work and toil to construct your organisation call. So why now not flaunt it for your enterprise envelopes. Explore our exceptional designs or customize one as in keeping with your preference and add to the appealing name of your commercial enterprise. Jazz up your commercial enterprise enchantment via growing envelopes together with your agency’s remarkable name published on it. It took a variety of hard work to build that call, why not display-it-off with fashion.We at GaneshPrint have provide you with an exhaustive range of envelopes that will help you 100% your treasured letters or personalized gifts or even custom files correctly. It’s very critical to recognize that the exceptional of envelopes count number plenty. If the exceptional isn’t on top of things then your valuables are probably to get broken or even destroyed by normal wear and tear, which in any other case a good envelope shall withstand. We at GaneshPrint care about your concerns. The envelopes available with us are of excessive quality.

Customized Gifts

Gifting someone a gift which is having personal touch is very great thing. We at GaneshPrint, provides customized printed gifts. The wonderfull thing is, we provides our products according to your need like the colours you want, the size you want and the quantity you want.Printing on products is possible through the use of patterns and designs available in a variety of colours. Once a selection has been made, the products can be customized to add some text – which could be the tag line for promoting your product. We can print your photo or your friends photo or photo of your love one, to give your gift a personal touch.we can print on water bottle, cap, coffee mug, couple mug, plate, stone frame, glass frame, keychain, pillow or t-shirt. So we will get these much option as a products and you can choose designe or photo to be printed on product. All these will be done according to you choice. No matter of quantity even if there is a single product which you wanted to print, we are there for you.

Corporate Gifts

Digital printing has changed the dynamics of the promotion game. It has provided a whole new range of options not just for businesses but individuals too.Custom printed promotional products are trendy designer products that can be made to order. The use of these customized products has become common in press conferences, business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, etc.Printing on products is possible through the use of patterns and designs available in a variety of colours. Once a selection has been made, the products can be customized to add some text – which could be the tag line for promoting your product, or your business philosophy. Such logo printed promotional products can be given as takeaways from business events. On other occasions, these products could serve well as tools for publicity through use at the venue – as stationery or accessories

Advertising Products

We at GaneshPrint have number of  advertising product to help you advertise you business. We have advertising cycle, we print banner according to your requirement and paste it on all four side of box which fits at back side of cycle. You can assign the area and our cycle driver will drive this cycle for the number of days you want. Same for advertising  van. Along with that we provide flags banner, look walker, advertising umbrella., MS stand for outdoor advertising, advertising table as shown in picture, advertising tent and advertising hoarding.A enterprise idea can be become achievement with loads of tough designs, making plans and smart investments. A part of this smart shopping for is in obtaining the right sort of advertising. Let your commercial enterprise or product stand out inside the crowd.